Bettina Wenzel


Starting with classic ballet in Brussels (Belgium) at the age of 7, she continued at the Renoldi balletschool in Aachen (Germany) and also studied jazzdance- technique for many years with G. Welter.
During her studies in dance-therapie at the „Langen-Institut“Monheim/Germany (1988-1990, graduated in 1991), she got into contemporary dance. From 1992 to 2000, she lived and worked as a dance-therapist in Paris.
In Paris, she studied contemporary dance with Ursula Winkler (Jérôme Andrews-technique) from 1991 to 1996 and with Mohamed Ahamada (José Limon-technique) from 1997 to1999.
In New York (summer 1996), she followed classes with Murray Louis (Alwin Nikolais-technique).
In Aix-en-Provence (France), she studied modern dance (1997) with Dora Feilane (Martha-Graham-technique).
During the last years, she studied new dance and contact-improvisation with Frey Faust (Cologne/Paris/Marseille).
In 2002 she attended butoh-workshops with Sabine Seume at the „Tanzhaus NRW“, Duesseldorf.

From 1992 on: voice-training (Alfred Wolfsohn-technique) at the „Centre Artistique Roy Hart“ (Malérargues/France) with D. Rossignol, Jonathan Hart-Makwaia, Ian Magilton, Noah Pikes.
2002: lecture - demonstration about Alfred-Wolfsohn-voice-techniques at the Phonetic Institute, University of Cologne.
currently she works as a solo-performer with dance / voice / (live-)video and together with the german composer/performer/soundartist hans w. koch she founded the „duo &2 - experiments in dance & music“

- guest-dancer/performer of Krahnenbaum-Company Koeln in cooperation with the composer hans w. koch for the project “transnationale dyaden“ (Neue Musik in Europa 8) at the „Alte Feuerwache“, Cologne.
- participation as voice-performer in a play directed by Noah Pikes (Malérargues/France).
- „territoires“, performance (dance/voice/video) in collaboration with hans w. koch (music), Casamax-theater, Cologne.
- „variable Stücke für variable Instrumente“ improvisation-concert at the Stadtbureau (Vienna/Austria) with hans w. koch, Andreas Wagner, Josef Novotny and David Subik.
- „amuse-gueule“ (dance/voice/video), performance at he University of Cologne.
- premiere of Georg Heike´s „expressis verbis“ (dance/voice) at the same concert.
- „Konferenzschaltung #3“ improvisation-concert with hans w. koch (electronics) and Peter Alexius Worringer (guitar), Normal, Cologne.
- „fall-out“ (dance/live-video), collaboration with h. w. koch (music/installation) for „body of noise - three duos of experimental dance/music“, Krahnenbaum Company Cologne at the „Alte Feuerwache“, Cologne.
- „aufblasbarer Gesang IV“, solo-performance (voice/inflatable object/live-video), University of Cologne.
- „modeste folie“, video-clip with voice and movement.
- „interleaves“, solo-performance (voice/dance/inflatable object) for the „tree-festival“, Kochi, India.

- „aufblasbarer gesang VII“ solo-performance
(voice/selfinflatable object/live-video), University of Cologne.
- participation as experimental singer in hans w. koch´s opera „passage of the angels“, part of the czech-german cooperation- project „priceless arias“ at the states opera, Prague.
- „je pense a toi“ dance/music-performance together with composer/performer hans w. koch for the collaboration project „TanzT“ by Krahnenbaum Company Cologne.
- „aufblasbarer Gesang IV“ solo-performance (voice/inflatable object/live-video), at University of Cologne and at the 10th Anniversary of mex / Dortmund during the Festival „open systems“.
- „verifying user name I“ video and electronic processed voice at University of Cologne.
- „multiple fallouts“ an evening with dance/voice/electronic as part of the series „grenzgaenger“ at gallery haferkamp (Cologne), cuba (Muenster) mex (Dortmund) together with composer/performer hans w. koch.
- „movimenti I + II“ two videos presented as part of „sprachproben -
concert-portrait Harald Muenz“ at St. Peter, Cologne.
- „corrida des sons“ performance with dance/voice/electronic at the „live arts 8“ at the casamax-theatre and the „Stadtgarten- Wildcard“, Cologne.
- „artituren“ an audio-visual performance by Annegret Heinl, Bettina Wenzel and hans w. koch at Haus Balchem, Cologne.
- interpretation of mathias spahlingers „128 erfuellte augenblicke“ at the concluding concert of „Response 2003 - Music and Power“ at the ns-documentation-centre, Cologne.
- „di passagio“ improvisation concert with Michael Vorfeld (percussion), hans w. koch (electronics) at the Werft, Cologne.

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