der nächste klang ist nur einen steinwurf weit entfernt...
(the next sound is just one stone´s throw away...)

landscape - installation


opening-performance by barbara hindahl, 02. 09. 00

detailview (photos: anita körber)

the area directly in front of a black-weathered cliff in an old quarry, limited left and right by lying rocks, has been cultivated and transformed into a turf sod. the stones picked up thereby were sorted according to kind and size and stacked up to heaps at the edge.
in order to make a sound, the visitor may pick up one of those stones and throw it against the cliff. the sounds vary depending on size and consistence of the stone and energy of the throw, thus informing about the stone and the person who throws.
the cliff thus works like a large drum and is at the same time cut by the hitting stones, each participant leaving a trace.
gradually the area reconverts again into its original shape.

created during a residency at the symposion lindabrunn/austria 2000

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