"rendez - vous"

installation with
two hairdryers and a coathanger


hval stasion, norway 2008. photo: the artist

"...an old story:
the wind blows wherever it wants and whenever it wants.
sometimes a meeting just happens."

two hairdryers, their exits blocked by rubber gloves, blow until their thermic protection turns them off.
when they have cooled down, they start blowing again.
their individual rhythms leads to a handshake at irregular intervals of about 1 1/2 hours.

see video

created for
"SYMPOSION - panegyrics on eros"
moltkerei werkstatt koeln 23. 11. - 30. 11. 00

other installments:
galeria jana koniarka, trnava
skc, belgrad
jussi, tokyo
hval stasion, honefoss, norway
exposition of new music, brno

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