zifferblatt witten

special edition of circle_of_fifths [realtime version]
for the clocktower at the cityhall of witten


photo┬ęthe artist

five to twelve and fifteen seconds:
the appearance of F major

     setup in the tower

the installation was situated in the topmost chamber of the clocktower at the cityhall of witten.
12 loudspeakers arranged in a circle according to the circle of fifths.
a microphone on the outside of the tower helm captures sound from the surrounding city
a filtering alogrithm separates the sounds into the 12 pitchclasses and distributes the resulting 12 tracks to the loudspeakers, in analogy to the hands on a clockface:
one for the hour, the minutes and the seconds.
this results in constantly changing combinations of the sounding material.
every 15 minutes all loudspeakers turn on and a short fragment from the archives of the "witten days for new chamber music" is played, filtered and distributed to the same set of 12 loudspeakers.

commissioned by the witten days of new chamber music
connected with jens brand "urmaschine", shown on the floor below.

listen to a documentary recording

some press articles:
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