berlin bahn bells

for carillon, sound transmission from berlin central station and live electronics

commissioned by jeffrey bossin/carillon concerts berlin
with support from the electronic studio @ t.u. berlin


carillon tower, berlin

carilloneur jeffrey bossin with the computer driven display

live environmental sounds from the nearby berlin central station are transmitted to the carillon tower and played back at its base.
simultaneously the sounds were analysed for pitches, generating a score in realtime for the carillon player up in the tower.
the carillon plays a "piano reduction" of berlin centrals sonic reality.

comissioned by the carillon player jeffrey bossin and produced with kind support from the electronic studio of technical university berlin and deutschlandradio kultur.
premiered at musik im freien, a festival produced by carillon concerts berlin /electronic studio of technical university berlin / deutschlandradio kultur

see/hear a youtube-snippet

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