for cellphones and resonating objects


premiere @ ncpa mumbai 25.08.09


performance by rhodri davies @ bath spa university 02.02.11

detailview of rhodris electric harp

performance @ domicil dortmund 29.11.13

inside the piano

the performer is equipped with 4-5 cellphones, set to vibration alarm only and all call diverts turned off.
the cellphones when vibrating are used to stimulate various preselected objects.

the piece requires collaboration between the audience and the performer: the audience calls the cellphone-numbers (which are made public thru projection or hand-outs) and makes the cellphones vibrate.
the performer places the vibrating cellphones on different parts of the objects, seeking spots of varying resonances and timbres, occasionally watching the cellphones move by themselves. the end is decided in accordance with the frequency of the incoming calls.

the piece was premiered by the author in summer 2009 at the national centre for performing arts in mumbai, in a concert sponsored by the local goethe institute (max mueller bhavan mumbai).
the following notes were printed in the program:
"usually when entering a concert space, you are kindly asked to switch off your mobile phone. not this time: the performance of hans w. kochs "cellular_sound" requires the audience to call the music into existence by dialing certain numbers on their mobile-phones, wich will set other phones to vibrate inside resonant objects."

hear a short reportage about the premiere on npr / PRI "The World":

recording of a performance for piano and cellphones @ mex21, domicil, dortmund:

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