live horoscope of the cosmic cockroaches
conjunctions and confusions

for transducers + piezos, hexbugs live electronics and live projection
created for astrology & arts brno


detailview from the table
all stills from a video by miroslav švejda, brno

the performance setup

the projection

a wooden table on which two transducers and two piezo pickups are placed.
they are connected thru a filtering patch in a micromodular synthesizer.
the filters frequencies are modulated by the level of the feedback.
on the tables surface, between the transducers and the piezos, some hexbugs are
roaming. the sound of their motors and rubber feet is picked up by the piezos
and gets into the feedback sound.
on top of the hexbugs and the transducers are some glowing stars of the kind
used to put on the ceiling in childrens bedrooms.
the scenery is projected on the wall behind the table via a camera mounted above.
the random movements of the hexbugs with their little stars and the transducers
with their bigger stars are only dimly visible.

the piece was created for the finissage of the exhibition astrology & arts
and performed
2013.03.03 @ a4 – associations for contemporary culture, bratislava
2013.03.04 @ magyar muhely gallery, budapest

see a video from a performance @ a4 – associations for contemporary culture
courtesy of miroslav švejda, brno

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