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seth josel playing dazwischer @ subtropics festival #18, miami 06
photo: antonio jorge

dazwischer: the title is a -nonexistant- comparative of the german word "dazwischen" - "between" and is meant to signify the position of the piece somewhere between a concertpiece and an installation.

the lenght of a delay-line is bound to the intensity of the feedback resulting from an electric guitar lying on an amplifier. after a period of oscillation, the resulting feedback system settles into stable conditions.
at this point, the role of the musician is to destabilize the system again by slightly tuning down one of the strings (only the 3 lower strings are used, the others are muted). when the system has then stabilized again, the process continues. the piece ends, when all strings are hanging loose.
the piece thus makes most sound when the guitar-player acts least.

recording of the premiere by tom pauwels, jan 2001

video of a performance by seth josel


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