tenor-recorder and micromodular


screenshot of the micromodular patch

the recorder as a guinea-pig in a constantly self-modifying sound-jungle. like in a computer game, it has to explore the territory and avoid traps. at the end, the electronics should be k.o.

digitizer was composed to explore the capabilities of the programmable modular-synthesizer "micromodular" as a sole companion for an instrumentist, who would not need technial skills other then pressing a button. the sound of the recorder is fed into the machine and thus controls all the aspects of its reactions and transformations and the evolvement in time. setup is thus very simple, requiring a microphone, a preamp, a micromodular and a soundsystem.

premiered by lucia mense, tenorrecorder at the
european-recorder-teachers-association (erta)-congress, paderborn (10/00)

recording with lucia mense, tenorrecorder

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