erfindungshoehe hausmusik
(level of invention: housemusic)

for tenorrecorder, el. guitar & live-electronic


from the additions of the European parliament to the guideline suggestions of the European commission on software patents, may 2004:
(a bablefish translation from the original text, which doesn´t make more sense either...)
article 2b: "technical contribution", also "invention" mentioned, does not mean a contribution to stood for the technology on a field of the technology technizitaet the contribution is one of four vorraussetzungen patentierbarkeit. additionally must the contribution again, being obvious and commercially applicably be-being that the use from natural forces to berherrschung physical effects over the digital representation of information outside belonged to an area the technology the processing, handling and representation of information belongs not to a field of the technology, even if technical devices for such purposes are used."

in recent times, in addition to the classical housemusic-instruments recorder and guitar, a third one has emerged: the computer.
similar to the vast repertoire of transcriptions and simplifications for his elder colleagues, a broad spectrum of disguises as virtual instruments for the -by nature not particular musically gifted- computer has been created.
this raises the question of the patentability of inventions and -in a broader sense- the ownership of ideas.
erfindungshoehe hausmusik deals with these questions and trys to contribute to the sate of the art of composing on the base of old and well known material.

recording with lucia mense (tenorrecorder), seth josel (el. guit.) and me (live-electronics) on feb 9, 2006 @ gallerie rachel haferkamp, koeln

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