requiem for a baby grand

final piano music for 8 hands and tools

together with jozef cseres, thomas lehn, ben patterson


premiere @ deutzer bruecke, cologne, photo: pietro pellini

the piano, a 100 year old august foerster, was already meant for destruction in 1977.
thomas lehn rescued it for practising and in 1982 it ended up in the apartment, where i am living since 2000.
after 8 years, my wife and me decided to make room for a real instrument and i took the opportunity, to give the old grand a proper farewell during the cologne art fair (flyer).
with the assistance of ben patterson of some fluxus fame, jozef cseres, performer and professor of aesthetics from slovakia and synthesizer-virtuoso thomas lehn the piano was deconstructed and the leftovers distributed to the audience.

see photos of the performance by pietro pellini, performance-photographer from cologne

trailer on youtube for the dvd, released by PanRec

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