8-channel electroacoustic music


the soundtrack of one of those short porn-movies, which are flooding the internet by the thousands.
a special playback-technique is applied to the soundfile: starting from almost zero and surpassing "normal speed" before the file ends, the playback-speed (and consequently the pitch) increases exponentially during playback. at the beginning, only digital artefacts emanate, stemming from the extremely slowed down reading of the file.
more and more rhythmical features surface until the original material is audible for a brief moment in its original shape, dissolving in a hysterical accelerando.
the piece is for an 8-channel-playback. the spatial movement of the sound evolves from seemingly random wandering into a tour de force around the audience.
a piece of acoustical voyeurism, not always nice and pretty.
the german title is a pun, contracting "voyeur" and "ohr" (ear).

listen to a stereo reduction

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